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Make the Apple Mac Keyboard Volume Keys Work on Windows

April 29, 2020    Blog 

1) Connect the Mac Keyboard via Bluetooth in Windows

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Purchase USB Bluetooth or use the on board Bluetooth to connect the apple mac keyboard. I purchased this USB bluetooth adapter on Amazon (Paid Amazon.com Link). It worked well with my Windows 10 desktop. Hold the power button down on the Mac keyboard until it is blinking

2) Install Sharp Keys on Windows 10

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Install Sharp Keys on Windows 10. The software can be found here https://www.randyrants.com/software/.  Download and install.

3) Assign a Key to the Desired Action

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Click Add on the Main window to open mapping

Once you have clicked Add to add the mapping, Click Type Key. On the Mac keyboard hit Fn and then F10 to assign an action. In the above example, I have mapped F10 and F11 to the volume keys. You can map it to any key to any function. Just check the list. It will edit the Windows registry and make it permanent over restarts.