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The 4 Best Jogging Strollers for 2020

January 11, 2020    Baby Health 

Get One and Get Fit!

A jogging stroller is a must have, enabling you the freedom to work out together with your child, whether it be a moms' (or dads') group workout or a jog in the park. In addition, as your child approaches the age of 2, you may find that a jogging stroller will in large part replace your regular full-size stroller—the two units are typically similar in size and weight—especially when combined with the right Ultra Light Travel Stroller. Our top picks...



    Revolution Flex 3.0

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    • This super durable stroller has adjustable suspension and a swivel front wheel. Its ruggedness earned it our "performance" runner up spot while the lack of a hand brake and hard to remove rear wheels placed it just behind our top pick.
    • Swivel front wheel (adjuster for alignment when locked is not as easy to use as with our top pick).
    • Easy to remove rear wheels for extra compact storage.
    • Large protective canopy.
    • Adjustable suspension.
    • On the pricier side at nearly $500.
    • Doesn't have a hand brake.
    • Seems EVERYONE has one.
    • 28.5 lbs (heaviest unit in our comparison).
    • Parent organizer, kid's tray and tire pump must be purchased separately.


    Zoom 360

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    • This lightweight unit has a swivel front wheel and covers all the basics. What's more, it comes included with a parent organizer and air pump. All this and the lowest list price in our comparison make this solid stroller our "budget" runner up.
    • Least expensive model in our comparison (priced under $250 when on sale).
    • Includes a parent organizer and tire pump.
    • Study parking brake.
    • The second lightest swivel unit in our comparison (25.7 lbs).
    • Our least favorite styling in this comparison.
    • Doesn't have a hand brake.
    • Wheels not easy to remove.
    • Doesn't feel quite as sturdy as our top picks.
    • It doesn't appear that there is a kid's tray for this model as of our writing.


    Glide 2.0

    Amazon.com Paid
    • Best to avoid this unit as it is VERY, VERY difficult to maneuver. Funny that a swivel front wheel makes that much of a difference, as everything else with this stroller is quite similar to our top pick.
    • Great styling (nearly identical to our top pick).
    • Integrated hand brake.
    • Large front wheel glides forward easily.
    • Large protective canopy.
    • 23.8 lbs (lightest overall unit in this comparison).
    • Front wheel does not swivel, making this unit VERY difficult to turn.
    • Pricey, especially for lacking a swivel front wheel.
    • Parent organizer, kid's tray and tire pump must be purchased separately.

Important Considerations

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Features to Look For

Swivel Front Wheel! – In our experience a swivel front wheel is an absolute MUST HAVE. First, if you ever need to bring the stroller indoors, such as to the grocery store, this will prove invaluable. Moreover, even though you should never run with the front wheel in swivel mode, we have found that even when locked swivel models are still much easier to turn than non-swivel models due to the wheel positioning being further underneath the seat carriage (as opposed to in front).

Hand BrakeAmong today’s options, the Thule models are the only with hand brakes (BOB does have other models with this feature as well). While a great feature if you will be frequently jogging (or walking) downhill, in our experience we found that we almost never use the hand brake. Still, something to keep in mind when making your purchase decision.

Suspension SystemThe need for a suspension system will vary depending upon the terrain you will be running over. While all of the units in today’s comparison come with some form of suspension, if you will frequently be jogging over rough terrain consider the BOB, which is the only unit in our comparison with suspension that is adjustable for child weight to provide him or her with a more comfortable ride.

Accessories You'll Need

Tire Pump – You will need a pump to inflate the pneumatic tires that come with every model in today's comparison. Unless you go with the model by Joovy (which comes with a portable tire pump) or already have a bicycle pump on hand, plan on purchasing one of these together with your jogging stroller. A portable model that you can place in your stroller's undercarriage basket is ideal, as one of these will allow you to quickly add air to your tires mid-jog if necessary.

Parent Organizer – In addition to a tire pump, you will almost certainly want to purchase a parent organizer for your jogging stroller. With the exception of the Joovy—which comes with a parent organizer included—none of the options in today's comparison come with a convenient and readily accessible location for you to place a water bottle, cellphone or other must haves. As a solution, each of the manufacturers in today's comparison makes an aftermarket parent organizer specifically designed to work with their strollers (shocking, we know).  The organizer made for the Thule strollers can be found here, while BOB makes an organizer and tire pump combo that can be found here.

If you find the organizers from the manufacturer a bit pricey, the Grab and Go Stroller Organizer by Skip Hop that we recommended for travel strollers is also a great choice.

Kid's Tray – While not as crucial as a tire pump or parent organizer, a kid's tray will keep your child happy with drinks and a snack during your run (also keeping you happy). Thule and BOB make units that fit their strollers perfectly, while Joovy doesn't seem to have one on the market for the Zoom 360 Ultralight at the time of our writing.

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Image Credit: iStock

Tips for Safe Operation

Lock Swivel Wheels When Jogging – When going for a jog with your new stroller, make sure to lock your front swivel wheel in place. This will prevent the front wheel from wobbling at speed and potentially turning so hard as to cause you to collapse over the unit.

Use the Safety Strap When Jogging – Although it can be a bit of a pain, make sure to always where the safety strap that comes with your unit when jogging. This will prevent the stroller from inadvertently getting away from you.

Always Buckle Your Child In – This one pretty much goes without saying. Make sure your child is always safely buckled in—it is surprisingly easy for them to fall out if you need to suddenly stop or hit a bump.

Reflective Clothing and Illumination – If you are jogging later in the day, make sure to where lighter colors and, at a minimum, where a reflective arm band (our favorite is from BSEEN and has LED lights). Also consider an LED safety light that you can place on the stroller itself and a headlampThese safety accessories are all inexpensive and definitely worth the investment. 

Read the Owner's Manual – We too are guilty of often throwing the owner's manual aside. However, just like bassinets and car seats, there can be hidden dangers with improperly reclining your jogging stroller, exceeding the weight limits and more. Make sure to read the owner's manual that comes with your unit.

Why Four Best?

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