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Don't buy a cheap Bluetooth USB adapters for Window 10 Audio

April 29, 2020    Blog 

You need AptX support for Bluetooth Audio

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I recently purchased a USB Bluetooth dongle for my custom built desktop here (USB bluetooth adapter on Amazon) (Paid Amazon.com Link).  It worked well for keyboards and other peripherals. However, when I paired my Beats Studio 3 headphones to Windows 10, the Audio quality didn't meet expectations. I did a side by side comparison connecting to my iPhone for the same stream from iTunes Music. The reason is without a technology called aptX sound quality will suffer. In fact the audio without aptX is only streaming at  64 kbps. If you remember Napster days, that's below semi CD quality of about 128 kbps. Windows 10 will also not report if the USB dongle support aptX making it even more difficult to diagnose the issue. Therefore, its a must to buy a USB dongle that supports aptX. Learn from my mistakes and pickup a compatible adapter. The good news from what I have read is that many laptops support this out of the box. If you have a desktop the chepeast one I could find are the following.

  • Azio Bluetooth USB Adapter - the cheapest by far that support aptX but requires an additional driver installation.
  • Creative Bluetooth Adpater - definitely on the higher price range but a sure bet for aptX support. If cost isn't an option for the "sound blaster" choice