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The 4 Best Weighted Blankets for 2020

April 21, 2020    Health 

Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets are known to help with conditions like anxiety, ADHD, restless sleep and autism. They help trigger and increase melatonin levels in your brain, helpful in regulating your sleep-wake cycle. These blankets can be filled with many types of materials, the best among them being glass beads. Other materials like plastic pellets aren't uncommon. Let's look at our top choices for weighted blankets in 2020.



    Cotton Weighted Blanket

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    • The YnM weighted blanket is definitely on the expensive side, but its popularity and features make it a great buy. It uses smaller compartments for an even weight distribution and is available in weight classes ranging from 5 lbs to 30 lbs.
    • Available in multiple variants of weights and sizes.
    • Varieties of blanket covers available with the weighted blanket including cotton, minky, and bamboo.
    • Smaller compartments ensure weight is evenly distributed across the blanket.
    • Slightly expensive.
    • The blanket and its covering are sold separately, which means this blanket comes without a blanket cover. You have to order that separately.


    Weighted Idea
    Twin Size Weighted Blanket

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    • This blanket by Weighted Idea comes at a great price and is perfect for those looking to buy a blanket on budget. It comes in multiple colors, shapes, and weights so you can pick exactly the type you want without paying extra.
    • Made from 100% natural cotton, giving a soft and cozy feeling.
    • Various colors, weights, and sizes available.
    • Also available as a gift to your loved ones.
    • Great quality in this price range.
    • The blanket cover is sold separately but in this price range, not a big drawback.
    • Some customers have complained about the stuffing material. It is a good idea to confirm the material before making the purchase, as the company recently changed the stuffing material


    Bare Home
    Kids Blanket

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    • Another blanket that made our shortlist thanks to its amazing price. It is not only double stitched but is also both environment friendly and non-toxic for humans. It comes with a 30-nights risk-free guarantee so worth trying out.
    • Affordable.
    • Made from non-toxic and environment friendly material.
    • The blanket can be washed in a washing machine, dry cleaned or hand washed.
    • Can also be tumble dried.
    • Can become lumpy with time as glass beads shift to sides over time.
    • Doesn't come with a blanket cover

What To Look For In A Weighted Blanket

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For a weighted blanket, it is what’s inside that makes all the difference. The two common options here are glass beads and plastic pellets. Plastic pellets are cheaper, but bigger which makes the blanket look bulky. Glass beads are expensive, but they are the same size as sand grains and therefore result in a thinner blanket. They are both equally effective so if you are on a budget, go for plastic pellets. If you are looking for a sleek blanket, glass beads should do the trick. For the blanket cover, cotton is advantageous as it is breathable while polyester is warm and comfortable. Make sure that the cover doesn't include any material or decoration that will look ugly after a few rounds in the washing machine.


The general rule is to pick a blanket that is 10% of a person’s body weight. You can find blankets weighing anywhere from 10 pounds to 25 pounds. For kids, different weight categories are available. If you weigh 110 pounds, look for a blanket weighing 11 pounds. If only 10 or 12-pound blankets are available, go for the higher weight. Weighted blankets are all about getting used to the feeling so you'll get used to it even if it weighs a bit more than you like. If however it weighs less than what you want, then the whole point of using a weighted blanket is lost. You can also try these blankets before buying, but it is hard to find them in retail stores. The best alternative is to buy online and return if you don’t like them.

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The size of the blanket comes down to personal preference, but there are a few things you should know. If you buy a blanket that is too wide, it may slip down the sides of the bed during the night. You don't want to be carrying it up every now and then throughout the night. It is therefore advised that if you have a king-size bed, go for a queen size blanket. If you have a queen-size bed, get a twin size blanket. Always go a size down with your blanket. As for the length, again make sure that there isn’t a lot of it hanging past your toes. However, there isn’t any major downside to a longer blanket and it comes down to your personal preference.

Removable Cover

Weighted blankets, as the name suggests, are quite heavy. They are hard to carry to a commercial washing saloon, which is what you’ll have to do as most washing machines people use at home can’t wash more than 10 or 15 pounds at a time. The best solution to this is using a blanket that comes with a removable cover. This would make your life easier and you won’t have to worry about washing the whole blanket. Just remove the cover, wash it, and you’re done. You can also have multiple blanket covers to reduce cleaning stress. Different covers for different seasons is also not a bad idea.

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Pros and Cons of Weighted Blankets

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They help with anxiety and sleeplessness. They have the same effect as deep pressure therapy helping with anxiety, stress, and many other problems.

Weighted blankets provide a comfortable sleep and keep you warm, especially in winter. They also come in cozy fabrics which add to their comfort and helps you get used to them quickly.

Couples can definitely associate with this. One partner turns over in bed disturbing the other partner’s sleep. With weighted blankets, you are quite likely to give up this habit as the weight helps you sleep in one place comfortably.

These blankets are appropriate for all ages (except very young children). They come in different weights and sizes so all you have to do is pick one according to your body.


They cost much more than your usual blanket.

You need to get used to having a heavy blanket on top of you. In the beginning, this can even be discomforting and feel unusual, resulting in an even worse sleeping patter. A week or so should be enough to get used to it though.

Weighted blankets can be dangerous for kids. It is discouraged to use weighted blankets for kids under 2 years of age.

Using weighted blankets in summer can be a bit tricky as the weight can make you feel too warm. You may have to compromise on one or two things in extreme summer temperatures.

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