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The 4 Best Korean Snail Repair Creams for 2020

January 19, 2020    Beauty Gifts Health 

Snail Cream and its Many Benefits!

Snail mucus isn't the most attractive of products to own but there is a good reason why everyone wants to get their hands on it. Studies have shown that snail mucus, thanks to some skin-friendly chemicals present in it, works great for maintaining healthy skin. Not only that, it helps treat skin issues like acne and sunburns, making it equally effective as a beauty product as well as an ointment.



    Korean Skin Care - Snail Repair

    Amazon.com Paid
    • The most amazing thing about SeoulCeuticals' Korean Snail Repair Cream is its high snail mucin extract concentration at 97.5%! Apart from that, its formula is for the most part naturally derived and the company takes great care of the snails during mucus extraction.
    • Very potent with about 97.5% concentration of snail mucin extract.
    • Ethically harvested - snail habitat safe and healthy.
    • An effective beauty routine in one package.
    • Affordable.
    • Contains Alcohol.
    • Might irritate sensitive skin.


    Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

    Amazon.com Paid
    • You can never go wrong choosing a MIZON product for skincare. This one does come with a heavy price tag but with the satisfaction that most people have shown, it seems the price is worth it. We do believe at 80% snail filtrate extract, it is rather on the lower side but hey, the formula works!
    • Anti-aging.
    • Helps Moisturize your skin.
    • Positive ratings from people who have already bought and used this product.
    • Regenerative ingredients.
    • Most expensive in our comparison.
    • Does not ship internationally.
    • Can feel sticky so you'll have to wait a bit before applying makeup.
    • Snail filtrate extract lower than many other creams at 80%


    Snail Recovery Gel Cream

    Amazon.com Paid
    • And yet another MIZON product made it to the top of our list! This cream comes in a tube and contains portulaca, centella, and green tea extract that not only protect the skin but also provide comfort. No artificial coloring or fragrance in this one.
    • No artificial coloring.
    • Doesn't contain any fragrance.
    • Absorbs quickly.
    • International shipping available.
    • Lots of room for improvement in terms of packaging - the tube can be inconvenient to use for some people.
    • Rather on the expensive side.

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Benefits of Snail Cream

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Helix Aspera, contained in snail mucus is a useful ingredient in the treatment of skin burns. Some studies have already shown that it can be a very safe and good alternative for the usual burn creams. So opting for a beauty product that helps you with the burns sounds like a good idea to us.

Got a sunburn? Snail-slime to the rescue! It is claimed that the snail-slime causes the skin to release elastic and collagen along with other components that help in repairing the damage caused to the skin.


We are not yet far enough in the study of snail cream’s anti-aging benefits to claim it is the perfect ingredient for it but there is enough evidence to suggest that it has some anti-aging properties. It certainly improves the quality of the skin as well as its texture so its use in cosmetics in future products is almost guaranteed.

While it isn't a standalone anti-aging cream yet, its properties do take you in the right direction while providing a lot of other useful benefits along the way.

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Dark spots and acne removal

Another benefit of snail cream is that it helps in removing dark spots and acne from the skin. A chemical called allantoin which is present in snail filtrate is a common ingredient in anti-acne products.

The presence of this chemical allows snail skincare products to be used as beauty products for people with sensitive skin giving them a two-in-one solution. As always, make sure you experiment first before applying it to the full face.

Pain reduction

We already mentioned how snail creams can help heal skin burns. What people don’t realize is that while healing the burns, the snail cream can also act as a topical anesthetic, soothing the skin and giving a degree of pain relief as a result.

Basically when used on a skin-burn, a snail cream kills two birds with one stone. It starts the healing process for the burnt skin and helps alleviate the pain that comes with the burning.

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How to select the best snail cream

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To buy or not to buy?


When picking an effective snail cream, focus first on the primary functions of the cream. People, when gives a chance to choose from a number of fragrances or fragrance-free products, will choose the product with their favorite fragrance. That isn’t such a big deal in itself but the question you should be asking is, do I really need my skin care cream to smell better?

The answer is pretty simple. You don’t buy a skin cream because it smells nice. You buy it because it works for your skin. The fragrance is a great marketing ploy and while it isn’t something negative, don’t fall for it. Buy the cream that does its primary function on your skin, and leave the fragrance to the products meant for that purpose.

Fragrance free products also bring in the added advantage of not messing up with the fragrance you wear or the fragrance of other skin care products you use. And if you are buying the cream as a gift, a fragrance free one makes the job really simple as you don’t have to worry about the recipient’s reaction to the fragrance. Not every person will like the smell you might find good.

Sensitive Skin

Your skin is an integral part of your outlook. It is not something you should be messing or experimenting with. Many skincare products market themselves as friendly for all skin types but that isn’t true simple because it says so on the bottle. It is your own job to protect your beautiful skin. Once you’ve bought a skin cream, make sure to try it out either on a part of your body other than the face or on just a small part of your face. Give it a day or two to see if you have any bad reaction to the cream. If not, feel free to use it!

Snail mucus concentration

The quantity of snail mucus concentration present in the cream is important. But like the other factors mentioned above, you need to consider the percentage in the right context. A cream may have a very high concentration of snail mucus extract. But if the formula isn’t right, rubbing it on your face won’t do much and might even bring undesirable results.

It is the formula that will bring you success, not the concentration of snail mucus. Every skin type is different. This might be a trial error thing so don’t just go for the product with the higher concentration. Take your time and find the one that works the best for your skin, even if the concentration is low.

Possible acne triggers

As we already mentioned above, finding the right cream is mostly trial and error and therefore, testing it on a small part of your skin is a good idea. The other thing you can do is read the list of ingredients. There are certain chemicals that can trigger acne reactions. If they are on the list, be careful. However, don’t just reject a cream simple because it contains a possible acne trigger. Just arm yourself with the knowledge and keep it in your mind during comparisons.

The Four Best Method

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What We Do . . .

We started Four Best on the premise that a great deal of the information required to properly evaluate a given product is already right in front of your (and our) eyes. In fact there is too much information! A crucial skill necessary to picking the best products is instead the ability to cull through the available information, focusing on what should really drive a purchase decision.

To make those crucial determinations as to what matters and what doesn’t, we begin by thinking through what really matters to us when we use a particular product. We then use the that type of product to further refine the features we care about and that we think you will care about too. Next we search the web, looking to manufacturer’s websites, product specifications, consumer reports, expert blogs, research reports and the like to obtain crucial insights and the facts.

Finally, we distill the results of our research and combine it with our own experiences as consumers, professionals, techies, mothers, fathers, hobbyists, designers, software engineers, attorneys (sorry) and more. Ultimately, this process results in the reviews we present to you. We hope you enjoy!