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The 4 Best Body Weight Scales for 2020

February 18, 2020    Health 

Measuring Weight the Modern Way

With today's advancement in technology, measuring weight using a simple body weight scale is a thing of the past. Modern body weight scales have changed the way how people look at their bodies and how they go about getting into their desired body shape. And what's more, these scales don't cost a fortune! Here are the hot selling ones for you.


    Bluetooth Smart Scale

    Amazon.com Paid
    • With over 3 million users worldwide, the smart app syncs with the scale to help you manage 13 different metrics. Works with all the famous health apps as well. Set your own goals and track your progress with ease.
    • Easy to sync with fitness apps.
    • Compatible with most of the famous health apps including Fitbit, Apple, Google, and Samsung's Apps.
    • User-friendly app allows easy monitoring.
    • Multiple users can track their weight on multiple devices, but they might need to close the app after using. Otherwise, it may not work for the others(This might be fixed in a future update).
    • Doesn't display any measurement other than the weight. All the other measurements need to be accessed through the app


    Bluetooth Body Weight Scale

    Amazon.com Paid
    • This is another body weight scale that allows up to 13 different measurements that you can then view in the app. Its unique design and step-on technology make it an attractive and accurate weighing option. Comes with a 5 years warranty as well!
    • Ability to add unlimited users on one device.
    • Friends and family can share their progress with others to stay motivated.
    • Step-On technology shows weight immediately upon stepping on the scale
    • 5 years warranty and lifetime technical support
    • Max weight limit is 400 lbs.
    • The app and its data cannot be viewed directly on a computer. You can still sync that data to other apps like Fitbit that have a computer version.


    BMI Smart Scame

    Amazon.com Paid
    • The Bveiugn body weight scale helps you monitor 11 different measurements through its easy to use app. Its most attractive feature is that it can measure small amounts of changes in your body weight. In fact, the company claims if you were to drink a cup of water and re-weigh yourself, you'll notice the difference.
    • Offers 11 different health indicator measurements.
    • G-Sensor weight measuring technology.
    • Detects changes in your body weight as small as 0.4 lbs.
    • Stores information for up to 24 users
    • The app requires your height, gender, and age at the first sign-in.
    • The scale only displays your weight. In order to access the other metrics, you have to sync it with the app on your smartphone

Modern Body Weight Scales

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Useful features in a modern body weight scale


Every Smartphone today contains a health app by default. This app, or any other app that you may want to use, can be connected to your smart scale to automatically store your data. Over time, this data can be really useful as you can see your progress during this whole time in interactive ways. It allows you to not only track your weight but also a number of other metrics that we have listed below. According to the US National Institute of Health, weight tracking does help in succeeding at weight loss.

Water weight

Our weight fluctuates daily and dieters know drinking water frequently causes the reading on the scale to reflect that water. However, simple weighing scales do not show what part of the weight consists of water weight. Using a smart scale, you can see how much of your body weight consists of water weight.


Modern weight scales have the ability to recommend calorie intake based on your weight readings. Since most people already use apps to keep track of their daily calorie intake, connecting those apps to a smart scale can help them know if they are maintaining the right calorie intake for their body.

Lean Muscle Mass

This one’s especially beneficial for those doing strength training. Using a simple body weight scale doesn’t cut it when it comes to improving your body shape. People trying to get leaner definitely need this feature as it shows them how their lean muscle mass is changing even when the body weight doesn’t show any significant change. Similarly, those trying to lose body fat can make great use of this feature. People often get discouraged seeing no change in weight when trying to lose body fat. But in reality, they are losing fat and gaining muscle mass. A Body Fat Analysis feature does that for you automatically and is found on most modern scales.

Do I Need a ‘Smart’ Scale?

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Smart scales aren’t much different from the regular body weight scales. The main difference lies in their ability to connect to a mobile app to store your data. This data in turn can be used to monitor your progress over time. It is a great feature you have, but one that you don’t necessarily need if smartphones aren’t your thing. Many people are satisfied knowing their weight stays in a particular range and they don’t really need to keep a record of it to know they’re within their limits.

People who find it hard to gain or lose weight, or can’t muster enough motivation to stay on track for a period of time, may find a smart scale more useful. The ability to track your progress can give a psychological boost and keep you motivated over longer periods of time. If a person is able to see that skipping exercise or eating junk food impacts his body in a negative way, he is more likely to stop doing that.

Price is another factor you need to consider, but you can easily find affordable smart scales out there. So if you want a tool to keep you motivated by storing your progress, go for it!

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