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Best Portable Sonic Dog Repellents for 2020

June 7, 2020    Electronics Travel 

Portable Sonic Dog Repellents

Noisy, aggressive and unruly dogs can be a nuisance for both the owner and other people. Postmen, joggers, meter readers, people allergic to dogs and even cyclists can experience an aggressive dog from time to time. Moreover, barking dogs at night are a nuisance for the neighborhood and cause further stress to everyone. While there are quite a few ways of disciplining a dog, using a sonic dog repellent is by far the most convenient and humane way of achieving this.



    Handheld Dog Repellent

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    • The popular STUNICK handheld dog trainer and repellent comes with an added flashlight and is quite simple to use. It fits in the pocket so whether you are out for jogging, cycling, walking or any other outdoor activity, you can easily carry it with you
    • Safe for indoors and outdoors.
    • LED flashlight acts as an added deterrent against the dog.
    • Convenient to use.
    • Fits in the pocket
    • Some people have complained about their dogs not reacting to the device while others have claimed it was too strong and scared their dog away. Mixed reviews but can be returned for free


    Doggie Don't
    Dog Repellent Device

    Amazon.com Paid
    • Doggie Don't's dog repellent comes with its own wrist cord and USB charging cable. While it may be expensive compared to other products in this review, it certainly enjoys great user feedback on Amazon and is popular among dog owners.
    • Wrist cord included.
    • You can also hear the loud buzz that the device emits. This is advantageous compared to other devices that aren't audible as users sometimes cannot figure out if the device is working.
    • Can easily be used as a training tool
    • USB charger included.
    • Doesn't work with rechargeable batteries.
    • Most expensive in our review with more than double the cost of other shortlisted products.


    Handheld Dog Repellent

    Amazon.com Paid
    • This dog repellent from MEIREN may not have many reviews but of those that have used it, a high percentage is fully satisfied with the product. Free shipping and return and at this price certainly a bargain!
    • Full refund or replacement guarantee.
    • Cheapest in our review.
    • Portable and fits easily into the pocket.
    • Does not have any effect on humans.
    • Not much effective in noisy surroundings.
    • Some complains about the device not effective on pets which is consistent with the company's claim that your own pets may not react to it.

Sonic Dog Repellents

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What is a Sonic Dog Repellent?

Sonic Dog Repellents emit soundwaves that are within a dog's hearing range and most of the time outside the human hearing range. The sound emitted is useful in keeping dogs away as it gives them a warning signal in the form of unpleasant sound causing them to back off.  This sort of positive punishment can help train unruly dogs without causing them undue stress.

Why Choose Sonic Dog Repellents?

The market is full of devices that act as dog repellers or trainers. The two most important varieties include sprays and electronic shock collars. The drawback of both of these dog repellents are evident; they hurt the dog in the process of training or scaring it.

Sprays were once a popular option but they needed to be operated from a particular distance, which was impossible in cases where the user was afraid of the dog in the first place. A strong wind or wind in the opposite direction would render the spray useless anyways. Electronic shock collars on the other hand worked great, but they were cruel and involved learning through pain, something no pet owner would wish for their dog.

The above two varieties have clearly run their course with regards to their usefulness. There is a new device on the block that utilizes ultrasonic sound waves within a dog’s heading range. It is lightweight and does not need to be aimed at the dog to function. Most importantly, it is humane and does not involve any chemicals or electric shock. Let’s take a deeper look into what benefits a portable sonic dog repellent offers and why you should buy one.

Benefits of Sonic Dog Repellents

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There are many outdoor activities and professions where people carrying out their routine tasks run the risk of being chased by a dog. Whether you are a meter reader, a casual walker or cyclist, such dogs can be annoying and even outright dangerous. A bite from a stray dog can give you way more trouble than just the temporary fear and pain. It is therefore advisable to carry equipment on you that can help you repel these dogs. A portable sonic repellent is by far the best way to achieve thanks to its ease of use, portability, and affordability. Simply chase the dog away with the press of a button!


There are many devices out there that help in training and disciplining your dog. While some a dedicated for that purpose, a dog repellent offers a two-in-one solution. It utilizes the principle of positive punishment to emit an unpleasant sound that stops the dog in its tracks and helps it realize that whatever it was doing is unwanted and has consequences. For instance, if a dog barks too much, pressing the button once or twice exactly when it barks will help the dog realize that barking may not be the right thing to do at that moment. This way, the dog can be trained to learn a lot of things over time.

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Convenient and Portable

A sonic dog repellent utilizes a small battery and doesn't need to be filled with any chemicals or sprays that are harmful or dangerous for humans. Such sprays are also impossible to take with you while traveling. A sonic dog repellent is portable, convenient, and lightweight. Whether you are jogging, traveling, or doing any other outdoor activity, carrying it with you shouldn't be a problem at all. Most portable sonic dog repellents will easily fit into your pocket so you can carry them with ease.  Where a lot of other self-defense devices are hard to carry around with you, this one offers much greater convenience and is practical.

Easy to Use

Being attacked by a dog is no pleasant feeling. No matter how quick you are, it can be hard to deploy any self-defense mechanism you know or are carrying with you. While all devices require some reaction time, a sonic dog repellent can be employed without much thinking, making it ideal for use in panic situations. For most devices, you simply have to press a button to scare the dog away. In some cases, you don't even have to point the device at the dog and can simply press the button with the device in your pocket. This simplicity and ease in using the device make it a popular and effective dog repellent.

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Precautions to Take When Out With Your Dog

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When walking your dog outdoors, it is important to be aware of the surroundings and the kind of people and animals you might encounter along the way. A few precautions, coupled with the right protective and safety equipment can make your outdoor activities with the dog a lot more fun and safe.

Here are a few things you should be aware of when frequently outdoors with or around pets.

  • Know that others may be afraid of your dog. Similarly, your dog might attack someone unexpectedly. If you see people moving quickly close to your dog, make sure to calm your dog so it doesn’t get scared.
  • Try to walk towards the oncoming traffic when walking on a street. Traffic from behind is not only dangerous but might also scare your dog making him feel irritated throughout the walk.
  • Don’t use your phone or wear headphones when around pets. You might miss potential danger approaching which can have disastrous consequences.
  • Try to avoid both extremely busy routes and extremely quiet routes.
  • Have a dog repellent with you at all times. You can use it to both discipline your dog when its unruly and scare away stray dogs that might bother you or your dog.

The Four Best Method

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