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The 4 Best Portable EKG Devices for 2020

May 25, 2020    Electronics Health 

Portable EKG Devices

Staying on top of your health is imperative in today's world. Portable EKG devices offer a solution that can, on various occasions, offer more benefits than the bigger EKG monitors. They allow EKG readings on-the-go without requiring any wiring or gel. You can now take readings from the comfort of your home without installing any medical equipment. Note that most portable EKG devices aren't classified as medical devices so make sure you consult a doctor to analyze your readings.



    6-Lead EKG

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    • Another KardiaMobile makes our list for the same reasons. This one is a 6-lead device which makes it quite powerful and reliable for EKG purposes. It is compatible with most smartphones and allows free lifetime medical-grade EKGs
    • Medical grade EKG.
    • Smartphone compatible.
    • 6-lead.
    • Easy to use. Does not require additional wiring or gel for operation
    • Only allows data storage for 2 users
    • While additional users can avail the free EKG facility, they cannot store and monitor their data.
    • Most expensive EKG device in our review


    Portable EKG

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    • The SonoHealth handheld EKG monitor connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to take and store unlimited EKGs. It also has its own display screen allowing you to take EKGs without having to connect your smartphone.
    • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
    • Device also has its own display and can show vital data without the need for a smartphone.
    • You can store and send unlimited EKGs for yourself or send them to your doctor.
    • Does not count as a medical device in the legal sense.
    • Not suitable as a medical device


    Portable EKG Monitor

    Amazon.com Paid
    • We finish off our review with the Emay portable EKG monitor that comes with a rather small, but functional display of its own. Its operation is simple, has a 12 month warranty and does not require any subscription.
    • Comes with a display screen enabling you to take a reading without connecting your smartphone.
    • 12-month warranty.
    • No wiring required.
    • USA customer support.
    • Not for medical use.
    • Some people may not find the smartphone app user-friendly. However, it does the job well enough

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Portable EKG Devices

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Reasons why you should get a portable ECG device

ECG or electrocardiogram is used to monitor one’s heartbeat, blood pressure and other things that can indicate heart disease. Electrocardiograms are used to detect cardiovascular diseases and are commonly used by heart disease patients.  A portable ECG is a device that lets you use an electrocardiogram in the comfort of your home or anywhere. You should get a mobile ECG device for the following reasons:

Ease of access

Ill patients can always use their portable ECG at their home to check their vitals. Instead of having to go to a hospital for ECG readings, they can just do it from the comfort of their home. Not only will it save them time, but it will also make them conscious of your health.

Fast action

If a patient is feeling ill and wonders if it’s related to their heart disease, they can quickly check their ECG monitor and decide what’s happening. With the portable ECG monitor, you can make a proper assessment of a situation and act accordingly. On the other hand, if a patient is trying to brush off their issues, the portable ECG will let them know the gravity of the situation.

False alarm

A lot of cardiovascular patients experience health scares that could come in the form of false “heart attacks“ . The portable ECG device will calm your nerves and let you know that all is right. Without the portable ECG device, patients who think that they’re having an attack won’t have anything to allay their fears. Their fear and anxiety of having a false heart attack, which they do not know, may, in turn, cause a real heart attack.

Self Checkup

If you are someone that likes to be in the know when you go to see your doctor, the portable ECG is for you. Whenever you notice an irregularity in your heart rate or body, you can take your complaints to the doctor. Knowing why you’re going to the doctor’s office is much better than going for random checkups out of curiosity. With your portable ECG device, you will know the right questions to ask.

Having a portable ECG device is something that would benefit patients and health practitioners. Their usefulness can’t be stressed enough.

Benefits of having a portable ECG device

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ECG devices are used to detect a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. Portable ECG devices make the whole process of identifying, monitoring and managing cardiovascular diseases easier. Here are some of the benefits of having a portable ECG device:


The whole concept of the portable ECG device is to make it easier to use and access. The portable ECG can be worn and used almost everywhere, irrespective of your location. You can monitor your heart rate and functions anywhere you are and take swift action. This portability has enabled a lot of patients to be in the know of their health at all times. They can go out for a walk and enjoy the weather instead of getting stuck in a hospital bed indoors.


Portable ECGs are often worn most or all the time. The fact that it’s connected to the patient for more extended periods makes it more reliable than the stationery ECG. The portable ECG has already monitored and tracked the cardiovascular functions of the patient and will give more accurate readings. Unlike the traditional ECGs, it doesn’t have a lot of wires, so there is no obstacle to information gathering. Doctors attest to its reliability and prefer to use its readings instead of regular ECGs.


Portable ECGs are not complex to use. They are so easy to use that you can monitor and even do the readings yourself. There are so small and compact that you won’t have to read a whole manual just to know how to operate a button. Thanks to its ease of use, kids and even old people with cardiovascular diseases, can monitor it by themselves. The readings can be transferred to a monitor and interpreted in a way you can understand.  This is very beneficial if you’d instead not go to a hospital at all except when it’s needed.

Real-time readings

The portable ECG device updates your vitals as you’re doing an activity. Thanks to its real time readings, you can know if a particular activity or exercise is terrible for you. With ardent monitoring, you can also find out your triggers and ways to avoid them. It makes you so conscious of your health, you’ll take much better care of yourself. Real-time updates will let you know when you need to go to a doctor for a check-up or if you’re okay.

Portable ECG devices are quickly taking the place of traditional ECGs and for good reasons. They are far more beneficial to use and are recommended by health practitioners.

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