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The 4 Best Air Fryer Ovens for 2020

An air fryer oven is a kitchen appliance that circulates hot air around food to make it feel crunchy and crispy. It uses the air convention mechanism with little or no oil to make fried food like meat, potato chips, and your favorite pastries. Lately, air fryer ovens have begun to gain ground over conventional ovens. They reduce cooking time by 20%, and help maintain food texture at all times. But are they as good as the conventional ovens? Are they healthy? What makes them so special? Let’s take a look at them in detail.

The 4 Best DIY Windshield Repair Kits for 2020

Driving a car with a jarred or cracked windscreen can be a nightmare, especially if the crack is directly in your line of vision. Apart from making your car look janky, it is also potentially hazardous. Installing a new windscreen costs money. Luckily, there is a cheaper and easier option available- a DIY windshield repair kit! Is it a miracle solution? Far from it, but it will certainly save you hundreds of dollars. If you are looking for an efficient way to erase that crack or chip on your windscreen, check out our review of the top 4 kits out there.

Best Pregnancy Pillows for 2020

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have. However, it comes with its own drawbacks that include pain and discomfort that can become very irritating because of the long duration of a pregnancy. The most common reason for this discomfort is the lack of sleep that pregnant women experience simply because of the fact that they can’t find a comfortable sleeping position. Pregnancy pillows solve this problem which is why we decided to bring you the top 4 pregnancy pillows you can currently find in the market.

Best Portable Sonic Dog Repellents for 2020

Noisy, aggressive and unruly dogs can be a nuisance for both the owner and other people. Postmen, joggers, meter readers, people allergic to dogs and even cyclists can experience an aggressive dog from time to time. Moreover, barking dogs at night are a nuisance for the neighborhood and cause further stress to everyone. While there are quite a few ways of disciplining a dog, using a sonic dog repellent is by far the most convenient and humane way of achieving this.

Best Office Seat Cushions for 2020

Maintaining good body posture and exercising regularly have always been popular among fitness enthusiasts but ever since the arrival of computers in the workplace, physical fitness has gone down and bad posture while sitting has contributed to further complications like arthritis and back pain. In order to help people maintain a healthy body and offer comfort, we’ve reviewed the four best seat cushions available in the market. Let’s take a look at these comfort cushions in detail.

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The 4 Best Korean Oil Cleansers for 2020

Oil-based cleansing may seem strange in the US market with some people hesitant to put oil on their faces thinking back to the acne avoidance of their teenage years, with many thinking oil is something to be “cleaned off” as opposed to “cleaned with”. Despite these reservations, many who were once hesitant to put oils on their face are now thrilled they gave it a shot! Make sure you chose the right product though, as some formulations can be harsher than expected. Check out our top picks and see what the craze is all about…

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The 4 Best Travel Strollers for 2020

When purchasing a travel stroller, going lightweight is crucial, especially when it comes time to carry your new stroller up stairs and onto planes, trains and buses. Read more about our top picks…

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The 4 Best Jogging Strollers for 2020

A jogging stroller is a must have, enabling you the freedom to work out together with your child, whether it be a moms’ (or dads’) group workout or a jog in the park. Read more about our top picks…

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